Zulu Online URL Risk Scanner

Today with the increasing number of infected website it is not hard to find viruses , many website are hosting malwares to enhance their botnet and find more online victims. I have just tested a very interesting online resource that I recommend if you have URL to test.

Zulu is another online web scanner that provides very important information about any website. When you submit a URL it will goes over three types of test:

  • First by checking content this will show you if there is any suspicious or malicious content on the website such ifram or java script code.
  • Second is URL check which will compare website URL/FQDN/TLD to Zscaler block lists.
  • Third will look for list of known malicious IP addresses and DNS.

So I have submitted an updated website that is hosting famous ZeuS binary and here is screenshots for the result:

Screenshot for the first part of the Report (click to enlarge)

Screenshot for the second part of ZeuS Analyses (click to enlarge)

As you can see the nice looking report with percentage of 0-100 and a risk categorization (Low, Medium, High) but for our case it is 100% and risk is very high. Hope you will enjoy this free online website suspicous URL scanner and you can find it here: http://zulu.zscaler.com/.

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