Zombies an Increasing Concern

computer_security_1Computer zombies are out to get you. That may sound like a tagline from a bad B movie, but there’s truth behind it. A “zombie” in the computer lexicon is a computer that has been taken over by a piece of malicious software planted by a hacker typically for the purpose of secretly sending out unauthorized mass e-mail, or spam. That computer could be yours, and you could be totally in the dark about it.

According to a just-released study by computer security software company McAfee, cyber-criminals are having increasing success in commandeering the computers of others through the Internet in this way. McAfee has a vested interest in sounding the alarm. By doing so, it stands to sell more software. But it’s a company that has been around since 1987 and has a good reputation.

In the U.S., fully 18 percent of personal computers have become zombies, which is nearly a 50 percent increase from the previous quarter, according to McAfee Threats Reports: First Quarter 2009.

From our side we should remember that prevention is the best medicine. Make sure that Windows and your antivirus, firewall and other security software up to date. Those precautions will reduce the chances of getting infected. Secure your stuff and Keep working!

[Source: GovTech]

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