ZeuS Botnet with Excellent Customer Care

On some hacking forums user of ZeuS expressed disappointment as they are not finding improvement in the malware program. The problem that they need to update source code to find new bugs allows having more income.

According to Brian Krebs article malware writer will not just sell you the product but they provide customers with full services like technical support, bug report, social network and tracking activity.

The reported malware is a complete software as a service solution so you can rent the malware with all functionality for certain period and you pay monthly fees, this will make customers more attracted to the solution and not caring about administrating the bot-network.

Regarding ZeuS there is an interesting resource that you can use if you are looking to have more details about Command&Control servers around the world which is https://zeustracker.abuse.ch/ , the current statistics about this crimeware:

  • ZeuS C&C servers tracked: 670
  • ZeuS C&C servers online: 196
  • ZeuS C&C servers with files online: 22
  • ZeuS FakeURLs tracked: 6
  • ZeuS FakeURLs online: 1
  • Average ZeuS binary Antivirus detection rate: 36.4%

Now if you are looking for protecting your machine against this malware, than you need to keep all your system and AV signature updated. Also you can use WinMHR a free virus detector by Team Cymru (http://www.team-cymru.org/Services/MHR/WinMHR/) or check the malware removal guide for windows operating system (http://www.selectrealsecurity.com/malware-removal-guide).


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