Zarp Network Attack tool

Corporate local area networks may have several vulnerabilities that allow attackers disrupt services or exploit the detected vulnerabilities. One of the tool that you can use to pentest local networks is Zarp Network Attack tool.  Zarp allows to perform network protocols penetration testing without system exploitation. some of the attacks are:

  • Denial of Service against systems and applications
  • Sniff sensitive information transmitted on the network such as username and passwords from different protocols (FTP, HTTP , etc)
  • running scan on the network for assets discovery and fingerprinting
Zarp Network Attack tool

Zarp Network Attack tool Screenshot installed and options available

You can install Zarp Network Attack tool on any Linux distribution using the following command:

git clone git://

Next you run an update to have the latest version:

sudo python --update

The current version is 0.1.7 and it is also recommended to install additional module:

  • airmon-ng suite (for all your wireless cracking needs)
  • tcpdump
  • libmproxy (packaged with zarp)
  • paramiko (SSH service)
  • nfqueue-bindings (packet modifier)

When you install Zarp you will also have Scapy included so you don’t need to install a separate package. Wireless network pentest is also possible with Wifite which allows to test and crack AP.

You will need this tool in your lab when you want to make your testing or to demonstrate some useful features and attacks. This tool also can be used during the penetration testing session as a PoC that the network is redundant and have no vulnerabilities. You can find more information about Zarp Network Attack tool by following this link:

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