Youzer – Active Directory Fake User Generator

The goal of Youzer is to create information rich Active Directory environments. This uses the python3 library ‘faker’ to generate random accounts. You can either supply a wordlist or have the passwords generated.

The generated option is great for testing things like hashcat rule masks. Wordlist option is useful when wanting to supply a specific password list seeded into an environment, or to practice dictionary attacks.

Youzer - Fake User Generator for Active Directory Environments
Youzer – Fake User Generator for Active Directory Environments

Once the user generate file the output is a CSV and a PowerShell script where both can be copied to the target. When executed, the PowerShell script binds over LDAP so doesn’t rely on the newer Active Directory modules and creates each user object. Currently the OU’s need to exist, but this tool is a sub-project of ‘Labseed’ where the Active Directory structure will be created.

The roadmap for this project:

  • Generate multiple departments (OU’s)
  • Generate grouping structure and randomly assign
  • Implement additional Faker object options to populate other LDAP fields such as Address, Region
  • Create an organizational chart of the nested grouping structure

Youzer may create 100,000 users in under 30 seconds and 1,000,000 users in around 3 minutes. You can read more and download this tool over here:

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