“Your unread message will be deleted soon” is another Facebook scam

Social media resources continue to be used in spreading spams and promoting cyber-criminal attacks, new cases related to Facebook were spotted over this week where attackers are actively sending emails with links that hijack user accounts to promote the malicious URL to Facebook friends feed.

The first spam is a message claims to be from Facebook Administration with the following content: “You haven’t been to Facebook for a few days, and a lot happened while you were away.” this is a spoofed message that looks to be sourced from Facebook but actually it is just another scam. Attackers are asking victim to follow the included link if they don’t want their unread messages to be deleted.

fb-spam-1Facebook scam message source Graham Cluley

Second spam message is from Facebook service and have the following content:”A lot has happened on Facebook since you last logged in. Here are some notifications you’ve missed.” this one is leading to Canadian pharmacy scam where scammers are selling fake pharmacy product.  As always cybercriminals will compromise a website and they will start to promote this URL on different social media resources.

According to Graham Cluley cybercriminals will not only collect credit card information on such website but the link is also linking to a malicious website that will run malware kit on victim machine. if you receive similar spam about Facebook ignore the message and move it to your junk folder so your anti spam solution update their definition.

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