‘Your files have been damaged’ Fake Email Lead to Canadian Pharmacy Stores

Several spoofed emails were spotted by Malwarebytes security researchers that are targeting cloud based system users. the first is a spam that notify victim that their image have been successfully uploaded to Box cloud servers but they are damaged. this will make the user click on the fake link to check his files.

Obviously the link is not leading to Box files but instead it will take victim to Canadian pharmacy spam page. this is a fake page registered on the .ru domain and controlled by cyber-criminals. the website claim to be verified and certified by FDA , VISA, PGEU GPUE of the European union. this to attract the victim to proceed with his order.

canadianpharmaScreenshot for the Canadian pharmacy spam page by Malwarebytes

The second spam claims that files been uploaded to drive. there is no indication for which of online cloud drive provider but this can be Google, SkyDrive or OneDrive. the same template of spam with list of JPG files and ask victim that they are damaged and he need to take action to fix the files by following the fake link which lead to Canadian pharmacy again.

Major security software will have a spam filter plugin that integrate with the email client and detect similar messages and flag them as a spam. if you receive the listed spams ignore the message and mark the email as a spam so the program may add them to signature definition.

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