WPA/WPA2 Vulnerable to Brute-Force Attacks

Wireless network access points are everywhere so if you travel a lot you will find more than one AP at airports coffee shop or at the beach, I often try to scan different wireless network to check what type of encryption used by the AP owner (you can use InSSider) and as a result I discover that some of them are open and others are still using WEP.

Well this situation remain critical if AP vendors do not warn about type of encryption, but the surprise that even if I will tell you to use WPA encryption it will be not enough to protect your wireless network here you can find the video by Stefan Viehboeck, it is now possible to brute force passphrase of WPA/WPA2 access point in 10 hours, Amazing!

wpscrack vs. TP-Link TL-WR1043ND – Demo from Stefan Viehboeck on Vimeo.