WinTaylor an Advanced Digital Forensics Utility

Forensics tools are important to have an idea about activities performed on any computer, sometimes you need to check information on a shared machine or recovering some necessary files. For these purposes and more you can check WinTaylor, free and open source utility that include several tools packed within a single interface.

Most of these tools are provided in a separate form such as sysinternal, NIRSoft , FTK Imager, RAM dump tools while WinTaylor will gather all these utilities in a single pack.

Screenshot for WinTaylor interface (click to enlarge)

The current version is WinTaylor 2.5.1 and you can use it to have system information, run windows audit, test your hard disk, Dump your memory, scan your network, have an idea about when your PC is up in the history and analyze USB devices and more.

WinTaylor will investigate and get you a very nice report but when you use it make sure that you disable any security software you have on the system as they may flag the program as a malware. you can download the latest relaese of  WinTaylor on the official website.

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