Windows7 New Utility for Meeting Security Compliance

A new tool has been introduced by Microsoft for analyzing Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 security level. Security Compliance Manager is the name of this tool which is designed to simplify protection standard usage and security requirement at the IT environment.

Security Compliance Manager provides a single application to automate system management configuration and eliminate potentially dangerous situations such as missing service pack, account wrong configuration or a risky software vulnerability…

Microsoft Security Compliance Manager allows IT specialist to create, deploy, execute and manage client and server windows editions, including windows7 as well as related applications. The tool allows an access to a full Microsoft recommended settings database to perform changes on system directly by M$FT. The format of downloads can take different kinds —including Desired Configuration Management (DCM) packs, Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP), XLS, or Group Policy objects (GPOs)—to export the baselines to your
environment and automate the security baseline compliance verification process.

For more details you can visit Microsoft TechNet page.

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