Windows Protection Master is a Fake Virus Alert

Windows protection master is a new reported fake antivirus that can infect your computer to start some alerts that it contains spyware, Trojan-Spy, NetTool, PSWTool and more. Such alerts will scare victim and make him purchasing a full license for this software.

windows protection master Screenshot for the Windows Protection Master (click to enlarge)

Besides detecting these malwares the software will pop-up some unusual notifications to make victim confident that this software is an essential one for his safety:

Warning! Identity theft attempt detected.

Error Keylogger activity detected.

Torrent Alert. Torrent link detected!

Well this will get the user struggling and he will start to look for a solution, as you can see that the malware goes up to SOPA to help victim in encrypting the torrent traffic. This is a very modern and highly sophisticated malware. It is important that you never believe similar notifications.  Apply all the required safety rules:

  • Make sure that you have all applications and system updates.
  • Never open emails attachments from suspicious sources
  • Use the low privilege rights on your system to avoid executing any malicious software
  • Make sure to have security software with latest definition and auto scan enabled.


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