Windows 8 Consumer Preview Goes Public!

Kevin Turner, chief operating officer at Microsoft has presented the new windows operating system with new benefit for business users. Windows 8 start screen comes with Metro style apps that helps users to interact with applications easily.

The new operating system is supporting 3G and 4G telecommunication for being on internet from any place, this is important for business owners as they travel often and they need to deal with emails 24/7. There are also previous security applications such as BitLocker which you can use to encrypt hard disk storage, AppLocker to block some application from running under certain policy.

This all beside the virtualization system as Windows 8 includes Microsoft Hyper-V, that allows to create some virtual systems for testing new applications or programs and PowerShell automation to manage several machines and servers remotely.

For more information and a demonstration preview for the new windows 8 release check the following link

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