Will Windows 8 be the safest operating system?

Microsoft rolls out their new OS after every three years. Windows 7 was launched in the year 2010, so it is said that Windows 8 would be rolled out in 2013. Bill Gates in his blog states that, “We have already completed almost half of the part for Windows 8, we are looking forward to announce the release date soon this year.”

Windows 8 are still in the beta version but there are some new security features that are going to be provided with it for free. Windows as a desktop has been always known to have security problems, using a Windows computer for online banking operation is a mistake due to malware problems that targets by default windows operating system.

Now for Malwares Microsoft added in Windows 8 UEFI Secure Boot which is designed to make the OS more resilient to malicious code, Secured boot stops malware in its tracks and makes Windows 8 significantly more resistant to low-level attacks. Windows will authenticate boot components to prevent any attempt to start malware before the operating system is up and running.

The second important new malware protection is in Windows defender. In previous windows OS version this component have been useless, it consumes a lot of memory and work as a 10% of antivirus protection, so I always ask why we need it. In the new version we find that windows defender will be updating itself with windows update as usual but it will have the same malware engine as security essential, so it will be your antivirus on windows. Windows defender will also have a new file system filter to provide real time protection against malware, this functionality have been running only upon user request and manually.

Window 8 Smart Screen Filter is another new security application, this application implement security against social engineering techniques, provides an additional layer of defense to help you make a safer decision when URL reputation and traditional antimalware aren’t enough to catch the attack. So if you download a suspicious program or visit URL it will warn you about this webpage or program.

In Windows 7 on each application you are looking to download, you get the following notification:


In Windows 8, SmartScreen will only notify you when you run an application that has not yet established a reputation and therefore is a higher risk: All these protection measures are important but with advanced technologies I think Windows Desktop in PCs will be expired in the near future and we will be using just thin client.


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