Wikileaks and Anonymous release “global intelligence files” Part one

Today, Monday 27 February, Anonymous have started in a new union with wikileaks planning to publish “The global intelligence files”. Those files are belonging to global intelligence company Stratfor and containing a lot of confidential information.

More than five million emails are going to be released publically that are sent by special agents from all over the world including different countries government officials, embassies staff and journalist.  The document reveals that Stratfor is paying their agents over Swiss banks or prepaid credit cards.

You can find the first part of the 5 million emails at while the rest will be published step by step in the near future. Emails dates are from July 2004 to December 2011.  Now if we look at all these security failures many will ask who we should blame for such a breach.

I think that many do not expect such attack so they use simple and easy to guess passwords, According to reports 73.7 percent of email passwords are weak and only 4.8 contain more than 10 characters. This has allowed Anonymous hackers to have access to all these emails and leak the sensitive information’s.  So If you are using any online account try to use phrases instead of words for your password, add some special characters and numbers. also if you feel that you can forget your password try to store them in document and encrypt them with a solid encryption tool such as Truecrypt.

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