wig – WebApp Information Gatherer

wig is a web application information gathering tool, which can identify numerous Content Management Systems and other administrative applications.

The application fingerprinting is based on checksums and string matching of known files for different versions of CMSes. This results in a score being calculated for each detected CMS and its versions. Each detected CMS is displayed along with the most probable version(s) of it. The score calculation is based on weights and the amount of “hits” for a given checksum.

wig - WebApp Information Gatherer
wig – WebApp Information Gatherer

wig also tries to guess the operating system on the server based on the ‘server’ and ‘x-powered-by’ headers. A database containing known header values for different operating systems is included in wig, which allows wig to guess Microsoft Windows versions and Linux distribution and version.

The report will have several sections:

  • site information will get you the website domain title and IP.
  • version detection to list CMS and platform version and this is important to detect any non patched vulnerabilities
  • Subdomain will provide users the list of subdomains and usually subdomains may include important finding such as mail server login page or the web-server admin panel.
  • Interesting part is any web directory that are detected by the scanner and should be reviewed by the user. this can be a testing directories or login directories.
  • Platform observation to list observed systems and platforms.
  • Tools will provide users required tools to scan the target for example if wordpress found WPSCAN may help into further testing.
  • Vulnerabilities is the last part to have the vulnerabilities affecting the system and link to the CVE.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/jekyc/wig

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