WiFiPhisher- Fast automated phishing attacks against WiFi networks

Usual scenario for compromising a system starts with a phishing attack. this allows to run a targeted attack against the user and it is always adapted to specific user. If you need to implement a phishing attack in wifi network you can use WiFiPhisher. This is a security tool for rapid implementation of phishing attacks on the network to steal passphrase without brute force.

George Chatzisofroniou also known by sophron, published on GitHub this social engineering tool to steal credentials and credit card numbers of users on a protected wireless network.

WiFiPhisher able to find, and copy the network sensitive information protected with WPA. The tool sends a legitimate access point special packets that will cause malfunction due to which the user is forced to look for other available networks. Next, the user is given a malicious network that looks very similar to a trusted access point.

Wifi-phishingWifiPhisher Fake web page

Once a user connects to the proposed access point and tries to open the web-page, WiFiPhisher opens a fake page that requires password confirmation WPA alleged to update the firmware of the router. However, to connect to an unsecured network. This tool can be used during a security awareness training or a pentest.

you can find this tool over this link: https://github.com/sophron/wifiphisher

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