What’s wrong with Twitter?

failOn the 6th of August Twitter went down for a pretty long period. After a while a brief message was added on the Twitter status says they’re fighting off a DDOS attack right now. Well the most interesting that the distributed denial-of-service attack also affected Facebook, LiveJournal and Google’s Blogger.

The idea of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on the sites is that computers have been compromised by a viruses or other malware and instructed by the Hacker to visit the specific Web sites all at the same time and repeatedly. The barrage of connection requests overwhelms the target sites, making it so that legitimate Web traffic can’t get through.

So this attack requires tens of thousands of machines in which all forms a botnet and in a few seconds can turn any website dawn, as the case of (Finjan report “Your PC might be traded online– without you knowing about it!”).

To secure yourself from being a part of a botnet network is to install an antivirus with the latest signature and in some time check the netstat command on windows to see if there is any unusual connection with your pc.

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It seems like Twitter is down every day. They must be dealing with a bunch of problems.


I think that the problem is not with Twitter but with people who do not care about security. We can do much about botnets by making sure that our machines are protected against malwares.