Weave Scope – Kubernetes Monitoring Framework

Weave Scope is a visualization and monitoring tool for Docker and Kubernetes. It provides a top down view into your app as well as your entire infrastructure, and allows you to diagnose any problems with your distributed containerized app, in real time, as it is being deployed to a cloud provider.

Weave Scope automatically generates a map of your application, enabling you to intuitively understand, monitor, and control your containerized, microservices-based application.

Scope - Troubleshooting & Monitoring for Kubernetes
Weave Scope – Troubleshooting & Monitoring for Kubernetes

Some of the features with this tool are:

  • Understand your Docker containers in real time – Choose an overview of your container infrastructure, or focus on a specific microservice. Easily identify and correct issues to ensure the stability and performance of your containerized applications.
  • Contextual details and deep linking – View contextual metrics, tags, and metadata for your containers. Effortlessly navigate between processes inside your container to hosts your containers run on, arranged in expandable, sortable tables. Easily find the container using the most CPU or memory for a given host or service.
  • Interact with and manage containers – Interact with your containers directly: pause, restart, and stop containers. Launch a command line. All without leaving the scope browser window.
  • Extend and customize via plugins – Add custom details or interactions for your hosts, containers, and/or processes by creating Scope plugins.

You can read more and download this framework over here: https://github.com/weaveworks/scope

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