Wardriving These Days (part 1)

In the past it has been very difficult to crack wireless network we should search for the right software under Linux distribution checking the necessary driver compatibility to inject the packet on the network and finally you get access to the Wi-Fi network, the question do we still have the same difficulties today?
To answer this question we will be searching some online resources to prepare the correct distrubution and making it easy to get the required tools within few steps to evaluate any wireless network.
Today we can find two types of wireless network the first are non-encrypted network that’s mean you will need just a wireless device to be connected, second are using encryption under three forms WEP encryption which is also not any more secure because it can be cracked within few minutes and for 100% but we rarely find this type of encryption, Now most network are encrypted using WPA/WPA2 encryption.
First you need to get a Backtrack copy and you can make it on USB stick using UNetbootin, So you can have it with you everywhere , even if you forget your laptop you pull the USB and you boot on it to have all required tools to do your work.
Now you should check your wireless adapter to be sure that it can work on mode monitoring and this can be made by visiting Aircrack-ng portal.
This will make you ready to use latest tools for wardriving the first one is AUTOMATIC WPA HANDSHKE CAPTURE this tool is a Python script that helps you to get WPA handshakes, what you need to have is the Wlan interface, both Mac addresses of the AP/Client and as a result you will receive the dump traffic with the Handshake.
GerixWiFiCracker is a tool that can be as an extra add to Aircrack-ng for using it you just go to configuration settings and select the interface than press (Start Sniffing and Logging) and (perform a test of injection AP). By using Gerix you can also create a fake AP on the desired channel so your pc will respond to any probe request with a proper probe response, which tells the client to authenticate to the BSSID as in the airbase-ng this will also disrupt all AP on the same channel.
These tools come as update for all previous wireless penetration testing mentioned on SecTechno and there still others to come.
To be continued….

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