“Want To Know Who’s Watching You?” is a Facebook scam

Malwarebytes alerting Facebook users about a new website that claim to provide the list of users who watched your profile. this is a scam similar to the Facebook Profile Viewer scam that hijack users profile.

The url is pointing to .pl domain and it contain the following:

Want to know who's watching you?
Thanks We are no longer a problem!
We guarantee 100% anonymity and satisfaction. Get a pair of binoculars

Check out the information below.
Give us a link to your profile.
Do not get scooped!

Security Guarantee!
Remember that you do not save your data. They are only needed for verification.
You do not have to be afraid, check out your profile!

Fake FBScreenshot for the fake page by Malwarebytes (Click to enlarge)

Victim is invited to insert his Facebook account username and phone number with the mobile operator. it will also take users to survey without providing any information about who visited FB profile. Normally Facebook do not include such a functionality so if you see similar spoofed page make sure to ignore it.

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