Wafpass – Analyzing WAF Bypass Methods

WAFPASS is a tool to analyze parameters with all payloads’ bypass methods, aiming at benchmark security solutions like WAF. Today a great number of website owners around the globe use “Web Application Firewalls” to improve their security. However, these security applications suffer from many deficits such as poor performance, lack of updates, and so forth.

Wafpass - Analyzing WAF Bypass Methods
Wafpass – Analyzing WAF Bypass Method

The tool will run SQL injection , Cross site scripting and some other type of attacks to bypass the web application firewall. you can use this tool to verify the security implemented and see if the web application firewall will block the attack so you find on the console the web server response.

Normal web application firewall will have a way to apply a time based blocking during executing the attack this to slow down the attack and prevent attacker from executing every method on his list.

A second protection will be a signature matching blocking so in case there is XSS request that match the WAF rule the web application firewall will apply the blocking.

Bypassing web application firewalls is not complicated if the attacker will run different techniques to identify the WAF. User may start by recording the web response , using a random user agent and increase the latency with a random IP sub-net to avoid the blocking.

WAFPASS supports HTTP,HTTPS connections, GET and POST requests and the use of Cookies in order to access pages restricted to authenticated users. Also, an intercepting proxy can be set up.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/wafpassproject/wafpass

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