VX Heavens Malware-Sharing Site Closed

Today VX Heavens a widely known and old malware research portal goes down, the website contain a useful documentation about all kind malwares but beside all that the forum contain a virus exchange portal where users and moderators share different viruses and malwares.

The share of malwares is illegal that’s why the Ukrainian police stopped this resource, we previously posted about VX Heavens as a zoo of malwares because we can find some samples that are really old and we cannot find it anymore, this have been somehow useful for learning about different viruses.

I think that sharing malware for learning purposes is important but some criminals are using these software’s as a weapon for attacking other cyber users or making money by stealing sensitive information so here we feel that it is important to shut down all type of malware share as we have no idea in which hand they are going to be and for which objective they are required.

Currently the website displays the following message:

Dear friends

How you can see, the VX Heavens server is unreachable since 23.03.2012. VX Heavens’ administration sincerelly apologies for the inconvenience caused to You.

For many years we were tried hard to establish a reliable work of the site, which supplied you with a professional quality information on systems security and computer virology. We do always believed that a true research in any field (computer virology included) is only possible in the atmosphere of trust, openness and mutual assistance.


Friday, 23 March, the server has being seized by the police forces due to the criminal investigation (article 361-1 Criminal Code of Ukraine – the creation of the malicious programs with an intent to sell or spread them) based on someone’s tip-off on “placement into the free access malicious software designed for the unauthorized breaking into computers, automated systems, computer networks”….

By the end this will be a good step for stopping any illegal malicious programs share. if you are stucked and really looking to have some sample than check this handy post by Lenny Zeltser at the following link: http://zeltser.com/combating-malicious-software/malware-sample-sources.html .

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I think you do not know anything about the sense of the word “research”. So many official researchers complained about this shutdown.



Actually all information provided are my own, so if many complained for closing the portal because they are using it for legitemate purposes while as I stated VX is an open portal so you can not control who are using these samples and for which purposes.