VoIP service and the security issues

Security concerns have always haunted the new-to phone users that have adopted internet phone as an alternate to landline phone. Like all other technologies running on internet prone to hacking, VoIP phone can also get hacked by a maliciously intended hacker who wants to eavesdrop or achieve other illegal purposes. Internet phone service is not a piece of cake that just any other off-the-street hacker will hack and start doing whatever he wants to, but the fact of the matter is that a lot depends on the level of security that has been provided by your VoIP provider. Bandwidth is a key factor in enjoying a seamless phone usage experience. Experts of the VoIP phone know that it is a far safer technology to use then landline phone as it is less prone to any security leaks that occur frequently in case of using the ordinary phone.

Like all other technologies dependent on internet, hackers also keep upgrading their tactics to intrude into the internet phone. There are different types of security measures that are put in place by the leading VoIP providers like Axvoice which help reduce the chances of any such thing to happen. Some of the measures that make a lot of difference in improving the overall security of your VoIP service including encryption of voice data, installing antivirus software, and installation of a firewall.


Encryption is not something easy to deal with because of its direct affect on the quality of phone call. More encryption will reduce call quality and less encryption might help improve the call quality but then it will diminish the level of security available. Therefore ask your VoIP provider the level of encryption that it is providing to you, will that secure your phone in all aspects and how will that affect your call quality?

Upgrading the phone software

Some of the VoIP providers offer free upgrade to your phone’s software while others make you pay for it. If you are using a phone service, the security of that phone should be included in the cost and the VoIP phone should not ask for extra money. Sometimes if you have not been able to upgrade your phone’s software, that can also make your phone more vulnerable to attack. Make sure you have got the latest firmware installed. One other question that you need to ask is that will the phone prompt you for new updates or you will have to update the software manually. A phone service that offers automatic update of software will decrease the likelihood of a security breach for your phone.

Safety of personal information

In modern day whenever a large scale institutional hack takes place, the biggest problem that companies face is that they are not able to protect the personal information of their customers. You should always ask your VoIP provider, what if their site or network is hacked. How will your personal information be saved? Are there any extra security measures to ensure that or not. This will help you know the level of security that your personal information is provided and you will share your personal information according to that.