VMinjector Tool to Unlock guest VMs

It is always possible to bypass certain security measures on local system, authentication to guest operating system can be manipulated and bypassed in VMware workstation using VMInjector.

This small python based tool can be used during penetration testing or to recover the operating system password, all new modern organization are relying on virtual environment which makes such tool important to evaluate overall security.

As well known that VMware handle all information and resources within the guest operating system.  VMInjector injects a DLL library into the VMWare process to manipulate the RAM files and patching the function in charge of the authentication.


Click on the image to enlarge

You can use this tool and then change your password to recover it or make it as a PoC during your pentest operation. to read more about this tool you can visit the official website : https://github.com/batistam/VMInjector

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