Virtualize Apps with Cameyo

Usually any person wants to take his favorite applications and programs everywhere. If you will not use your own computer than you will not be allowed to install your favorite programs or if you will install an application than you should track different software and this is very hard (removing all installed applications change in the system registry…).

ThinApp is software that is provided form VMWare and can help in this situation. ThinApp will scan the system registry and file system before installing any application track all changes and create a packaged single executables that run completely isolated from each other And the Operating system for conflict-free execution on end-point devices. Application packages can be deployed to different Windows platforms. The negative point is that ThinApp is very expensive.

Cameyo can do the same what ThinApp do the only difference is that it is available for free, Cameyo is an open-architecture application virtualization product. It combines best-of-breed application virtualization technology with simplicity.

By installing the program you will have 2 button one for capture installation and a second for editing existing package. You start by taking initial system snapshot. Next you install all software packages you wish and when you complete you click Install done. Cameyo will start Taking post-installation snapshot and create executable file contain all desired apps.

Finaly Cameyo screen will say, “Building Package” which, again, takes a while and then you’ll see “Package Successfully Saved in …” the folder will be located on your Desktop. The nice thing that you can choose to isolate all applications from each other, install all your preferred plugins and use the EXE file anywhere you can put it on your flash USB, Drop it on Dropbox or upload it to PortableApps.

This is not all as you can use Cameyo to back up all your software packages and save it for any further requirement.

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