Verizon Enterprise Risk and Incident Sharing (VERIS) Application

Verizon launched a new service that will allow companies to spread information about hacking attempts. This will be done to other companies who find themselves in similar situations, take into account the experience.

Verizon Enterprise Risk and Incident Sharing (VERIS) allow users to post information in such a way that companies do not have to disclose their vulnerabilities. Each message will be converted to a breach report, which will inform about the details of such incident and can be used to develop new safety procedures.

VERIS system already used by the U.S. Secret Service, and Verizon expects that more companies will use this service, the more incidents associated with data security, can be avoided. All records are kept and published in a large report, highlighting the main types of attacks. Also, the information will be stored in the Wiki.

When you will submit a new incident there is 5 steps to go through:

1- Demographics: here you will select date of incident, Primary industry of your company and number of employee…
2- Incident classification: here you provide brief summary how the incident happened, what actions (Hacking, Malware or social exploit…).
3- Discovery & Mitigation
4- Impact classification
5- Final View & Report: here you will have a pdf report that will include all details about the incident with explanation on different point submitted.

This is a very important step that will help in providing statics and information regarding different public breaches and as a result mitigate future incidents impact.

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