Venafi Maps & Manage your Growing Encryption

Any kind of Information that is transmitted on a corporate network and Internet can be easily intercepted by a malicious user or interested third party person. Many modern algorithms that have been considered as a standard after sometime we find them vulnerable. As a result and to follow a new standard we should change all system encryption.

Now we can imagine a company that have to encrypt all these information from document, emails and traffic, how all people will be sure that they are using the appropriate encryption? How they will be sure that all these information are properly secured against any malicious user? How long does it take to crack this Encryption? All is just question of time.

To address these concerns, encryption will solve the issue but we still need a solution to manage this encryption. All Modern organizations are getting to implement encryption to minimize the risk of major breaches.

Venafi has solved major problems that can face any system administrator by Simplifying encryption technologies management and Improving the data security, IT operation and Compliance enforcement. Venafi offers a comprehensive, enterprise–wide encryption management platform that centralizes and automates the management of encryption assets—including keys, certificates and application configurations.

The system starts by discovering and identifying different keys and encryption certificates that are deployed within the enterprise environment, this can be done by simply entering an IP address or range of IP addresses and defines the relevant ports to inspect, so the system will collects Information about the certificates, and presents a status report to the administrator.

After deploying keys across the network Venafi Encryption Director performs continuous monitoring and assessment of encryption certificates and technologies including status and expiration dates for all root, intermediate root, SSL, VPN, authentication, code signing and other types of certificates. This ensures business continuity and helps organizations move quickly and proactively to solve problems before they result in service interruptions.

Beside the continuous monitoring and assessment Venafi adds The Provisioning to automatically replacing any expired certificates and out-of-date keys on the target platforms, this allows administrators to define policies and parameters for each application, ensuring consistent and efficient operations on time every time.

All these tasks has been painful to manage and by using a modern and strong algorithm this will make an attacker spend millions of years to decrypt the content, which makes the data at that time not important or even no longer used.

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