DSi USB Write Blocker

USB stick is the common device that incident response team will use to collect and investigate any attack. The USB will include a number of tools required to run and analyze system artifact. it may also contain logs and reports that user need to edit when they will connect back to their system. Once logs and metadata collected the user should make sure that there is no way to modify or change collected information. If you want lock the USB device you can use DSi USB Write Blocker Utility.

DSi USB Write Blocker Utility will help into converting the USB stick into read only mode so no change or modification is allowed which comes at the end when all information requirement collected.

DSi USB Write Blocker

DSi USB Write Blocker

The tool is supported on most windows operating system and with the compatibility option you can make it running on the latest OS. In order for the DSi USB Write Blocker Utility to function correctly on newer operating systems, there are two basic choices:

  1. Right-Click the program icon and then click “Run as Administrator”, filling in the Admin login and pass for the PC if the prompt appears.
  2. Disable the “User Account Control” feature used by these two OSes.

The best option for sure will be the first choice cause the second one may involve the risk of malicious software by disabling UAC.This tool will allow to conduct the information acquisition without affecting or damaging the data.

You can download DSi USB Write Blocker over here: https://dsicovery.com/

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