US CERT Warns of PhoneSnoop Attack Against BlackBerry

BlackBerryUS-CERT Issued a new warning concerning a free application that allows a hacker to spy on phone conversation, the program should be installed on the victim device and after the installation a hacker will be able to listen to all victims call.

This free application called PhoneSnoop and despite the fact that this application provides a similar functionality as FexiSPY, this is the first free program of its kind. Chirashi Zensay the creator of this tool posted on his Blog: “PhoneSnoop demonstrates how a BlackBerry can be used to spy on its owner. While the BlackBerry remains one of the more secure devices out there, user awareness and education is paramount to remaining completely safe from spyware. I tweaked the application since my first post now allowing anyone to download, install and try it. PhoneSnoop now has the ability for a user to customize the ‘trigger number’; rather than me having to give out customized versions.”

This program has been released to demonstrate how it is easy to exploit vulnerability on the BlackBerry devices and currently there is an effort to release new software that can rout SMS over a hacker.

US-CERT currently encourages users to only download BlackBerry applications from trusted sources and to password protect and lock BlackBerry devices.

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