URLextractor – OSINT Reconnaissance Tool

URLextractor is a tool that you can use to run an automated Information gathering and website reconnaissance against a targeted URL. the tool will make some basic check for hosting provider, IP or subnet of the target and verify the collected information against online resources such as Virustotal, hybird, shodan, senderbase, alienvault , pastebin, urlquery, censys and more.

URLextractor - Information gathering & Website reconnaissance Tool
URLextractor – Information gathering & Website reconnaissance Tool

Current included features are:

  • IP and hosting info like city and country (using FreegeoIP)
  • DNS servers (using dig)
  • ASN, Network range, ISP name (using RISwhois)
  • Load balancer test
  • Whois for abuse mail (using Spamcop)
  • PAC (Proxy Auto Configuration) file
  • Compares hashes to diff code
  • robots.txt (recursively looking for hidden stuff)
  • Source code (looking for passwords and users)
  • External links (frames from other websites)
  • Directory FUZZ (like Dirbuster and Wfuzz – using Dirbuster) directory list)
  • URLvoid API – checks Google page rank, Alexa rank and possible blacklists
  • Provides useful links at other websites to correlate with IP/ASN
  • Option to open ALL results in browser at the end
  • Check if hostname is listed on Spamaus Domain Blacklist
  • Verify opened ports from Shodan.
  • VirusTotal information about IP.

The collected information can be used for several purposes such as to evaluate website or IP reputation and work on the way to avoid having any verified resource blacklisted.

You can read more and download the tool over here: https://github.com/eschultze/URLextractor

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