Twitter lists used for spreading malicious links

Trendmicro security researchers posted an article about a circulating attack on twitter where malicious users are adding victims to twitter lists. The malicious accounts are leading to several websites that offers hacking tools for whatsap, Facebook and Twitter, beside a scam website offering free iPhone 5ses.

The Hacking tool described on the article is claiming to be an application for recovering twitter passwords. This is definitely a scam to attract victim in following the link and buying it for only 500$. Scammers are also providing a free 2 days offer.

twitter-listTwitter Accounts list by Trendmicro

If you have been added to suspicious lists on twitter be sure to not follow links that are shortened or pointing to non legitimate domain, usually scammers will try to make free offers to get you install malicious applications that they own so ignore such websites.

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