Twitter Hacked Accounts Posting links to Android Opfake Trojan

Symantec are tracking a new malicious link that is posted on compromised Twitter accounts. The posted links are redirecting victims to a website that are hosting malicious applications. By visiting the malicious website victims start to download a fake Asphalt 7 program that is packed with a Trojan which uses victims phone to send SMS in the background.

According to Symantec not all accounts promoting the malicious link are compromised there may be accounts that are prepared by cybercriminals or that some victims are retweeting those links incautiously so be very careful about what you are posting on twitter.

Compromised TwitterScreenshot for the Malicious links on Twitter By Symantec

If you are a twitter user make sure that you verify links you are clicking and what you are sharing verify any short link before opening it and if you detect a similar attack be sure to block and report the account to Twitter. Symantec and twitter are working to block accounts that are distributing the malicious link.

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