Twitter Accounts Posting a Malicious Links Hosting FakeAV

Spamming campaign have been observed by GFI security researchers that are using twitter to spread malicious links, the shortened URL leads to a fake antivirus malware that will claim several infection on victim computers.

The first link is fuuut(dot)tk which will redirect any visitor to detectoptimizersupervision(dot)info that are hosting a rogue software called windows Antivirus 2012,  what is scary that only 3 out of 42 antivirus flags the malware as a Trojan fake antivirus.

Screenshot for Windows AntiVirus Patch

Twitter can be a very good platform for cybercriminal to promote malicious links as with the shortened service users can not identify the real URL and clicking to open the website is an instant reaction. Some users will even go to share the link by retweeting it without verifying the content.

That’s not all as a second malicious attack have been also observed on twitter that are spreading the Blackhole exploit kit at first stage next it redirect victim to install Windows AntiVirus Patch another fake antivirus.

If you are a twitter user be very careful about where you are clicking and what you are sharing , verify any short link before opening it and if you detect a similar attack be sure to block and report the account as a spam.


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