Twitch Chat Spreading Eskimo Malware

Online gaming are becoming popular website that can be used by attackers to promote malicious software. New case have been reported by F-secure in that have more then 50 million visitors. The attack starts by adding an advertisement banner on chat page that invite users to participate in a raffle to win a counter strike prizes.

The link leads to java application that will obviously not run any game but it will provide cybercriminals a full control on victim machine and allows them to have screenshots , control the Steam user account to make it part of the botnet. This is not the first case where attacker are using banners to promote malwares but it is becoming widely used because user will trust the site they are browsing as it is a legitimate and trusted one.

twitch-tv-malware-618b0fffdfdb50766e4d51574bc4e533Screenshot for the malicious advertisement sourced F-secure

If you are using your system online make sure to have a limited account with a hardened system without administrator privilege this will prevent to execute any program during your navigation. Apply all security patches to fix any vulnerability that can be used to bypass the security measures implemented. Update your antivirus definition to get the signature required to detect/prevent any malicious program.

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