Turbolist3r – Subdomain Enumeration Tool

Turbolist3r is a fork of the sublist3r subdomain discovery tool. In addition to the original OSINT capabilities of sublist3r, turbolist3r automates some analysis of the results, with a focus on subdomain takeover.

Turbolist3r - Subdomain Enumeration Tool
Turbolist3r – Subdomain Enumeration Tool

The tool will run public DNS servers queries for each discovered subdomain. If the subdomain exists (i.e. the resolver replied with an address), the answer is categorized as CNAME or A record.

By examining A records, it is possible to discover potential penetration testing targets for a given domain. Likewise, the process of looking for subdomain takeovers is simple; view the discovered CNAME records and investigate any that point to applicable cloud services.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/fleetcaptain/

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