tunCERT Raise the Cyber Threat Level

Following latest conditions that exist on the cyber space with expectation of new attacks and threats the Tunisian CERT raised the Alert indicator to the second level. Which mean that there is a moderate risk rating for all cyber users and they need to be more vigilant while using their system.

A list of best practices with several teams are ready to assist users if they feel that they are under suspicious attack on different social network such as Facebook or twitter and a 24/7 phone service are in place. Best practices include the following:

  1. Updating your operating systems to fix any vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hacker.
  2. Update your antivirus solution and if you don’t have an AV than you can check the following link:  http://www.honeynet.tn/node/36
  3. Check different things that may indicate that your computer is infected (popup, slow system, web browser redirection…) if you feel you have such problem than run a full system scan.
  4. Make your full backup
  5. Never install suspicious software, especially with remote access
  6. Avoid browsing suspicious websites
  7. Use a strong password with a regular change
  8. If you still have the problems turn off your PC and bring it to Tunisian CERT for further analysis.

This is for home users and it is also important to monitor all your logs without changing any security measures on your infrastructure.  You can find the full statement in French by following this link: http://tuncert.ansi.tn/publish/content/news.asp?idn=77

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