TrueCrypt 7.0 New Release

TrueCrypt one of the popular tools for encrypting and hiding partition under Linux, MacOS and Windows system has released a new version.

The new features at this release include:

* AES Hardware-accelerated encryption this function is supported by some processors and helps to accelerate encryption performed in a faster way than by purely software implementations on the same processors.

* Now it is possible to configure TrueCrypt container on a USB flash drive to mount the drive automatically whenever you insert the USB flash drive into the USB port. This is cool.

* Partition/device-hosted volumes can now be created on drives that use a sector size of 4096, 2048, or 1024 bytes.

* Favorite Volumes Organizer this means that now you can organize your mounted device upon logon to system as read only or removable medium

* The Favorites menu now contains a list of your non-system favorite volumes. When you select a volume from the list, you are asked for its password (and/or keyfiles) (unless it is cached) and if it is correct, the volume is mounted.

It is always recommended to use Truecrypt instead of other built in encryption system because it can hide your volumes and make it impossible for anyone to note the file existing on the HD, plus it provides a flexible way to choose encryption algorithms.

With TruCrypt your data remains encrypted until you need it. Go get your copy by following this link.

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