Trojan SMS Shared via Google Store

Google play is a shared platform that can be used by android system to install application , games for free. this platform can be used by company to host their product and on the other hand it can be used by cybercriminal to share malicious applications that will infect smartphone devices.

Over this week malwarebytes researchers are alerting of an application that are hosted for more then one year on Google play and contain a link that may infect Android systems. the attack scenario is that there is a link for developer website that is displayed on the application in Google store that open a compromised webpage with two banners. if victim need to download the content he should send payed SMS message.

thai contentscreenshot for the malicious application sourced Malwarebytes

This will also subscribe users to daily paid SMS that generate income to attackers. Google Play has been notified about this malicious attack and the application is active since August 20th 2013.

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