Trojan SabPub Hits Mac Users Over Java and Microsoft Office Vulnerability

It seems that Apple is getting more security troubles in the last period as another malware that have been reported by several security software firms and targeting Macs users. After a long period without risk of malwares Dr.Web has reported a very big surprise about finding 600K infected Macs with the flashback Trojan.

Over the last weekend we are reading about another type of malware infecting Mac OS X and called SabPub Trojan horse, here the malware have two versions the first may exploit Java vulnerabilities as the previous one (Flashback) but the second version  uses a buggy Word documents.

 Screenshot for the infected document

Actually attacking users by a malicious document or pdf files is really dangerous because you have no way of protection especially on Mac computers if it contains no security software in place to scan the documents or files.

SabPub will be opening a backdoor on victim computer to allow a remote attacker sending any kind of instructions remotely, here as always the only door for cybercriminals is software vulnerabilities so make sure to have all necessary software security update and even if you are using Apple Mac I think it is time to consider installing an antivirus that will help to mitigate the risk of new malwares.


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