TrendMicro Warn of WORM_PIZZER.A

New malicious program has been reported by TrendMicro that is called WORM_PIZZER.A which uses WINRAR command line to create a copy of itself in archived files. here the technique used allow the malware to be zipped and take any file format  .ZIP, .RAR and .RAR FX files obviously with other legitimate data.

password-protected archive are not safe as the worm may copies itself on those archived files as well. Here infection takes only that victim open the archived file and malware will be executed on the operating system. as you may notice that the execution of the malware can be unnoticed by the victim and the only protection is by having a security software to track the attack and prevent it.


Bot archived in

Malware writers are more and more innovating in creating malwares to evade antivirus detection. zipped file may hide the payload from antivirus software and when the file is opened malware infect the operating system.

Source: TrendMicro

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