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SterJo Key Finder – Simple Key Finder

SterJo Key Finder is a free program for recovering lost keys of various software products (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, WinZip, Corel Draw

FakeLogonScreen – Fake Windows Logon Screen

FakeLogonScreen is a utility to fake the Windows logon screen in order to obtain the user’s password. The password entered is validated

SUDO_KILLER – Identify and Exploit sudo Vulnerabilities

SUDO_KILLER is a tool that can be used for privilege escalation on linux environment by abusing SUDO in several ways. The tool.

Shadow Defender – Protect Systems Against Modification

Shadow Defender is an easy-to-use security solution (for Windows operating systems) that protects your PC / laptop real environment

Simplewall – Simple tool to configure Windows WFP

Simplewall is a Simple tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) which allow to configure your computer network activity.

BCArchive – Encrypt and Compress Files

BCArchive is a free program that allows you to create encrypted archives with password protected data this to restrict access to the information