TippingPoint and Qualys Together To Mitigate Network Security Risks

tippingpointTippingPoint and Qualys Network security companies are about to develop and deliver a Network security software, to provide their customers a full package for corporate Network security.

Both companies are looking to build a business partnership to enhance their customer protection from the current threats and to be able to identify the New Network Vulnerabilities.
Under this agreement Intrusion prevention system from TippingPoint will be integrated with QualysGuard Vulnerability Management platform, In order to provide a full environment protection.

Here there were a recent report by SANS Institute found that there is a huge vulnerabilities in the application layer like web application that can be exploited from an unpatched user-side Application like Acrobat reader.

QualysGuard Vulnerability Management can help to monitor the network and TippingPoint IPS will provide an active vulnerability protection through its Digital Vaccine service and as a result we receive a combined vulnerability vision with a virtual patching by the Digital Vaccine filters and mitigate the risk against latest viruses and worms.

Here you can find more details about this partnership.

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