tinfoleak- Tool to provide detailed information about a Twitter user activity

Today major companies and people are using social media to promote their products and have more exposure to what activities they are performing. this will help in communicating ideas and information but at the same time it may harm users privacy and their virtual life.If you are looking to conduct information gathering for users on Twitter you can check tinfoleak.

tinfoleak is a python based script that will automate your pentest and will allow you to extract information about your target on twitter. The tool will display from basic information to more sensitive one such as the geo location of your target to see from where he is tweeting or the operating system he use.

tinfoleak clienttinfoleak screenshot for the client used

Some of the feature for tinfoleak are:

  • basic information about a Twitter user (name, picture, location, followers, etc.)
  • devices and operating systems used by the Twitter user
  • applications and social networks used by the Twitter user
  • place and geolocation coordinates to generate a tracking map of locations visited
  • show user tweets in Google Earth!
  • download all pics from a Twitter user
  • hashtags used by the Twitter user and when are used (date and time)
  • user mentions by the the Twitter user and when are occurred (date and time)
  • topics used by the Twitter user

You can also use the tool during a security awareness program to demonstrate what type of information we share online without our knowledge or agreement. to download the latest version follow this link: http://vicenteaguileradiaz.com/download/tinfoleak/tinfoleak-1.2.tar.gz

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