Threatglass service to uncover the web threat landscape

Threatglass by Barracuda is a new platform that is created by security researchers to automatically analyze million of websites in the cyberspace. the framework will monitor the malicious activity and include charts and information that will help to detect and alert of new malicious codes hosted on websites.


Any user will  have the opportunity to add or analyze websites that he feel they may contain malicious threats. the information can be displayed with several categories with DNS, HTTP, and netflow in both graphical and textual formats. you can even have the pcap files which provides evidence about the attack to end user.

The information will also include links that are opened when the victim open the malicious page, screenshots recorded as in the sandbox or even to check the internet explorer crash report. Threatglass have an automatic analysis that is based on approximately 10 thousands of malwares accumulated at Barracuda Networks. it is really an amazing project that you can find over this link:

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