Thor FREE – Software updater for Windows

THOR FREE automate your software updates to improve your security. The tool will keep your vulnerable applications up to date automatically and eliminates vulnerabilities used in cyber attacks. Outdated applications include many security holes that cybercriminals exploit in their attacks.

THOR FREE comes with a Software Manager that can monitor and auto-update your vulnerable software to the latest software version, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Thor FREE - Software updater for Windows
Thor FREE – Software updater for Windows

All you have to do is to check which applications do you want to monitor and auto-update. The tool checks for software updates every 2h and applies them the moment they’re available.

The update process is automatic and silent, which means you’ll never be interrupted from your work or fun. This works even on limited user accounts and you can check the applied updates in the “View History” anytime you want.

You can also install new software with one click. Choose from a list of over 50 most used Windows applications and install them. The tool provides the latest versions available, bundleware free. You don’t have to download and run an installer, it all happens silently in the background.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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