‘This Content Might Require Java Update 13.6’ Is a Masked Malware Attack

Java update is one of the technique that is used by cyber-criminal to promote their malwares. over this week onlinethreatalerts posted a new article that cover an online advertisement urging users to update their Java application to display certain content. by clicking on the banner victim will be redirected to a malicious website hosting fake updates and viruses.

The website is www.my-movie-player.com normally if you will see this URL it is clear that there is no Java on similar link. Any application or file can harm your system but here attacker will redirect users to get.file2desktop.com where the actual malware hosted. this will add to the browser a toolbar and it will perform hijacking of the browser information.

6Fake Java Update 13.6 by onlinethreatalerts

If you see similar advertisement on any website you visit do not follow the link and make sure to download and update application only from official website that are tested and approved by the application owner.

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