theZoo – A repository of live malwares

When you are testing security program or studying about different malware behavior it will be important to have samples that you can test in your lab. Today getting malware samples is possible with building honeypots or search for them of the project that you can also consider is the zoo. theZoo is a project created to make the possibility of malware analysis open and available to the public.

theZoo’s purpose is to allow the study of malware and enable people who are interested in malware analysis (or maybe even as a part of their job) to have access to live malware, analyse the ways they operate, and maybe even enable advanced and savvy people to block specific malware within their own environment.

The following files and directories include the following content:
The conf folder holds files relevant to the particular running of the program but are not part of the application. You can find the EULA file in the conf and more.
Contains .py and .pyc import files used by the rest of the application
The actual malwares samples – be careful!
Malware source code

Each directory is composed of 4 files:

  • Malware files in an encrypted ZIP archive.
  • SHA256 sum of the 1st file.
  • MD5 sum of the 1st file.
  • Password file for the archive.

If you are looking to run dynamic or static analyses for new backdoors, cryptolocker, Worms, zeroaccess Trojans, Zeus and more you can check this project

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