The #OpNewblood Super Secret Security Handbook By Anonymous

Anonymous movement have released a new online document  “OpNewBlood Super Secret Security Handbook” this online pdf file contains 8 section to help setup different operating systems for the hacking group, the table of content includes:

  1. Preface
  2. Setting up Tor
  3. Firefox Recommended Add-Ons
  4. Setting up i2p
    1. Installation
    2. Firefox Configuration
    3. IRC Client Configuration
    4. I2p IRC on Android via irssi connectbot
  5. Advanced IRC
    1. Commands
    2. Browsing
  6. Advanced Defense Techniques
  7. Portable Solutions

This guide includes latest and most advanced proxy services that an Anonymous user may utilize in different attacks, what is really interesting that the group provides tools that require no previous technical background.

For example Advanced Defense Techniques the first thing in this section is to use a virtual machine so you can easily remove evidence if you have been arrested, Encryption is very important as well and tools mentioned are the best in the open source field, using portable OS versions can keep all required information in the memory and by restarting the computer thier will be no tracks.

Hacking technique are also improved by recomending Metasploit which is the bast framework for penetration testing it is the de-facto standard for penetration testing with more than one million unique downloads per year and the world’s largest, public database of quality assured exploits.

This all beside the famous tool for DDoS attack LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) – application, developed by 4Chan hacker group, designed for launching DDoS attacks against Web sites with thousands of anonymous users who use the program. Attacks are made on sites such as, for example, or and many governments like Tunisia, Malaysia and many others. By simply clicking on the application button.

The main idea of LOIC that anyone, even if he does not have the slightest idea of ​​carrying out attacks, may participate in the process. All you have to – is just download LOIC (version available for Windows, Mac and even Linux!), Enter the information for purposes, such as a URL, and launch the attack.

User need just to follow steps using all open source and free tools with the minimum technical knowledge an administrator located somewhere in the world will take your machine over the IRC channel to shut down any website on the cyberspace.

So you should always Expect Anonymous.

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Thomas Sjöbom

anonymous rules go on the snow falls