The end of DNS hacking

logoThe European Internet operators Community announced the launch of OpenDNSSEC project which aims to manage the safety of DNS on internet.

Lately there was a big doubt regarding the DNS safety on the net, all community members decided that the data in DNS caches has become so vulnerable to attack that it cannot be relied upon anymore.
Among the participant in this project Nominet, John A Dickinson, Netherlands NLnet ,Sweden Internet Infrastructure Foundation .SE, Kirei AB and SURFnet.

DNS cache poisoning has become very common after Dan Kaminsky two years ago discovered and alerted of a serious security vulnerability that could leave banks, online retailers, and ISPs open to hackers. I am just imagining that you are going to access your bank website to check your account and you will be redirected to the hacker site, in which have the same design and all details of your bank.

But on the other hand implementing a massive and complicated protocol DNSSEC is not easy. Because we need to implement DNS authentication software in all devices (iphones, servers and computers.).

So we hope from this project to make deploying DNSSEC fast and easy 🙂 .

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