The Cloud Security Rules Book

The Cloud Security Rules book is available on and selected book stores from October 2011.

This book targets decision makers in organizations worldwide. Whether you run a small company, is the president of a global NGO, or the CISO of a well-known brand – this book brings you relevant knowledge about security in the Cloud.

The Cloud Security rules helps you to understand the differences and the similarities between cloud computing and traditional networking – which in essence is the same, yet different. If you are considering moving to the cloud, or are looking for a higher level of security for your existing appliance, The Cloud Security Rules help you to choose the right level of security – based on your needs and understanding.

Authors are amongst the best known information security bloggers in the industry. Decades of experience combined with excellent training and schooling ensures understanding and knowledge. And the fact that they all are used to write about the topics covered in this book.

If you would need assistance, advice or just someone to speak to, all your authors are available. You will also find each authors bio by their articles on Website.

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